El Salvador has a rich mythology based on interesting situations and characters.


The Pond of Bululu is located in Sensunapán River between Sonzacate and Sonsonate, long time ago there was a legend about this pond. Frecuently a golden "guacal" (a kind of recipient) appeared floating in the surface, containing a silver soap and a "paste" with diamonds. According to the legend, If somebody tried to reach the golden "guacal", it plungled in the water and appeared in other location of the pond, but if someone achieved to take it...

La Poza de Bululú
La Flor de Amate

There's a legend about the wicked appearance of the Amate. At midnight, a beautiful white flower borns at the top of the tree and falls. If you catch the flower, you will have everything you want, love, money and health, but don't think this is a piece of cake. According to the legend, in order to catch the flower, you will have a deadly fight with the Devil, the owner of the flower.

La Llorona  

This is one of the most popular legends of El Salvador, about the terrifying cries of a woman for her lost kids.

Some people describe "La Llorona" as a floating woman dressed in white. Sometimes this woman starts crying in front of the door or window of a house, this is a bad omen because the family living in that house will have a lot of problems.

La Llorona
El Cerro de la Juana Pancha

This is a story about a beautiful woman who stealed big money and lived in a cave at the top of Conchagua Hill, three kilometers from the town.

Her name was "Juana Francisca Callejas", but she was called "Juana Pancha", a witch who dissapeared flying from place to place as fast as the wind flows.


Long time ago, a bizarre woman dressed in white, with an indescribable face and sporting bunches of rings were kidnaping a lot of kids in San Salvador. One night, a man was working in his house, his wife was in the bedroom, the weather was very hot and their baby was next to a window. Drowsy that man saw a mysterious hand hanging with a lot of rings. Once he rubbed his eyes the hand was vanished.

La Señora de los Anillos
Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana

A very popular legend tells the story about how the image of Our Lady of Santa Ana is in that place. According to the legend, a group of natives were moving this image to Honduras. When they reached Santa Ana they were very tired and decided to spend the night under a big ceiba in a place called "Sihuatehuacán". The next day in the morning, the natives tried to continue the way to Honduras, but the image became so heavy they decided to left it in that place.


This is a legend about some buried pitchers full of golden and silver coins, sometimes one of the pitchers were discovered by greedy people who obsessively took care of it, never spent a single coin and died in misery.

According to some villagers, the coins of the pitchers are cursed by the Devil whom steal the body and soul of greedy people. The Devil then bury again the pitcher for a new victim.

Las Botijas
  El Mico Brujo
El Mico Brujo

A very popular story in El Salvador is the legend of "El Mico Brujo" (The Witch Monkey). in certain towns of the country this character is related to a pig instead of a monkey. Our ancestors used to told stories about some weird women with a magic "guacal" (some kind of deposit) in wich they stored their souls, transforming into monkeys or pigs to make mischievous acts, like climbing trees and throw fruits and stones to the people.


The Goblin is a lover spirit always looking for beautiful young ladies, harassing his victims making noises and laughing at night until they make something unpleasant for him. The Goblin can even curse his victims to be unmarried forever. The Goblins are bizarre tiny men with pointed ears, they like to dress very luxury and colorful clothes. They are also the guardians of big pots full of golden coins and speak a weird language that only them can understand.

El Duende
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