El CipitíoSon of the Sihuanaba, "El Cipitío" is a very popular character among salvadoran legends. He is a small and big-bellied kid that never grew up.

El Cipitío eats bananas and the remaining ashes from wood rural kitchens, using a very large hat that moves with the measure of his walk. Appears at night as a scoffer spirit, making jokes, laughing and dancing around his victim.

According to some villagers, Cipitío throws pebbles to beautiful girls that go alone to wash clothes in the rivers.

Formerly called "Cipit", and now "Cipitío" or "Cipitillo", was born of the relationship that had his mother "Sihuehuet" (Beautiful Woman) with the god "Lucero de la Mañana" (Morning Bright Star), betraying to god "Sol" (Sun). The god "Tlaloc" condemned both the mother and son. The mother was sentenced to be a wandering woman and the son to eternal childhood.

Despite being the son of a god, ironically Cipit has the aspect of a poor child with a distortion in his feet, taking them to setback, huge belly and with the power of dissapear from a place and appear to another.

Although harmless, El Cipitío is very obnoxious. Generally, he makes jokes and laughing of his victims. His name comes from the Nahuatl "Cipit" (Child) the same as "Cipote", a word to refer to the kids in El Salvador.

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