El Salvador has a rich mythology based on interesting situations and characters.

  El Cadejo
El Cadejo

"El cadejo" is represented by a dog of great size and penetrating gaze. There are two cadejos, white and black. White cadejo symbolizes the good and black cadejo symbolizes the evil. Some people say that the black cadejo represents an evil spirit which appears to people who wander late at night, persecutes and hypnotize its victims with its huge red eyes, similar to burning coals. According to the legend, if black cadejo hypnotize you, it can steal your soul.

La Descarnada  

When the drivers asked where she was headed, she just answered to went a few kilometres from the place, then she mounted the car and began to seduce the driver. When the men began to touch and kiss her something dreadful happened, the skin of women dropped from her body and she was converted into a human skeleton. Minutes after the victims were found in a total confusion state and only recalled the moments in which the gloomy scene occurred.

La Descarnada
  El Tabudo

El Tabudo

This legend has become very popular among fishermen, residents and visitors of Coatepeque Lake.

One day, a rich man and owner of a beautiful mansion located on the shores of Coatepeque Lake went to take a ride in a canoe; when he was near of the island, a groundwater flow dragged him and took him to the goddess of freshwater domain.

La Sihuanaba  

Originally called "Sihuehuet" (beautiful woman), she had a romance with the son of god Tlaloc, the god "Lucero de la Mañana" (Bright Star); and ended pregnant, betraying the sun god. Sihuehuet was a bad mother, she left her son to satisfy her lover. When Tlaloc discovered what was happening, cursed Sihuehuet calling her "Sihuanaba" (ugly woman). From that moment, she would be beautiful at first sight, but when men approach to her,, she would become a horrifying woman.

La Sihuanaba
Son of the Sihuanaba, "El Cipitío" is a very popular character among salvadoran legends. He is a small and big-bellied kid that never grew up.

El Cipitío eats bananas and the remaining ashes from wood rural kitchens, using a very large hat that moves with the measure of his walk. Appears at night as a scoffer spirit, making jokes, laughing and dancing around his victim.

Years ago there was a man without faith called "Pedro el Malo"

On May 15th, the "San Isidro Labrador" festival, many people came to the town for the carts blessing. Pedro also took his cart, but had bad intentions, stopping his wagon very close to the door of the church, far from the other carts.

This story happens in the municipality of Izalco, Department of Sonsonate where lives a large mythological animal, half snake and half pork. Visiting the tourist centre Atecozol in Sonsonate you can find a stone image of this animal.
At San Dionisio Village, towards the south of Usulután City, there is a place called "La Iglesia Vieja" (The Old Church). During the colonial era, this place was called "Ucelucla" that in the indigenous language means "Tigers' Place". The Spanish colonizers founded there a town and built a church.
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