San Salvador.
June 12th 1824.
658 meters above sea level.
2,031,792 inhabitants .
886.15 Km².
Population density:
Approximately 2,067 inhabitants per Km2.
Geometrical growth rate:
2.9 %
Total fertility rate:
2.4 children per woman
Infant mortality rate:
27.4 per thousand.
Life expectancy at birth:
70.8 years.
Migration rate:
20.7 miles.
Patron Saint Day honoring "Divino Salvador del Mundo", Republic patron.
Period of festivity:
From August 1o to August 6th.
Festivity location:
San Salvador City, Capital of El Salvador.
Distance from San Salvador:
0.1 Kms.
Road type:
Public buses and all kinds of vehicles.
Recreational activities:

* The Patron Saint Day begins with the traditional "mail"parade.
* Fireworks.
* Serenades.
* National and international circus.
* Mechanical and chance games.

Religious activities:
* Masses.
* Sermons.
* Rosaries.
* Confirms.
* Baptisms.
* Weddings.
* The main attraction is the traditional "bajada" or the exhibition of "El Divino Salvador de El Mundo", representing the transfiguration.
Commercial activities:
There are a wide variety of handicrafts from all over the country, traditional and modern style.

San Salvador is an industrial and commercial city, here you will find the majority of business and governmental institutions.

* San Salvador.
* Aguilares.
* Apopa.
* Ayutuxtepeque.
* Cuscatancingo.
* Ciudad Delgado.
* El Paisnal.
* Guazapa.
* Ilopango.
* Mejicanos.
* Nejapa.
* Panchimalco.
* Rosario de Mora.
* San Marcos.
* San Martín.
* Santiago Texacuangos.
* Santo Tomás.
* Soyapago.
* Tonacatepeque.
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