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Our country is ready to receive you during this holiday season, meet all beaches along the coast of El Salvador in the Pacific Ocean, there are many different types from the west to the east.

We have many places to vacation like rivers, ponds, lakes, water parks and if that's not enough mountains, hills and volcanoes for all local and international tourists.

Discover this great country and let us all wonder what we own!

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Suchitoto..., a quite and peaceful town to visit. Lots of art galleries too!!!
Trip to San Diego
I visited a gorgeous beach of El Salvador, its name is "San Diego", a place you can't miss if you ...
Welcome to Cinquera
The Church in Cinquera, Cabaņas in El Salvador, one structure in all of town that survived the ...
Donald Lee
Tourist site that you must visit
Los Cobanos Beach possesses one of the largest rocky reefs of Central American ...
Permanent events
Gastronomic Festival
A wide variety of typical food, andean music, and carriage rides around the ...
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Albaclara Park
Velazul, your unique option to navigate through the tranquil waters of "El Golfo de Fonseca" ...
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Legends of El Salvador
La Sihuanaba
Long time ago, a bizarre woman dressed in white, with an indescribable face and sporting ...
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When you go to the mountain ...
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Carrozas de Sonsonate
We published some new pictures of "Carrozas de Sonsonate", visit this beautiful tourist site!
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